Steve Retson Project is a specialist service where gay and bisexual men and all men who have sex with men can access free and confidential sexual health services and you can make an appointment without attending your GP. 

If you are sexually active it is a good idea to get a sexual health check up every 6 months or more often if you’ve had sex without using a condom.

HIV and some sexually transmitted infections (STIs) don't have obvious symptoms and the only way to know is to get tested. Anyone who has sex (oral or anal), regardless of gender, age or sexual orientation, can have an STI. Most STIs can be easily tested through a urine sample, a swab, or in some cases a blood test, and can be easily treated. 

The Steve Retson Project clinics provide a range of accessible sexual and emotional health services that are supportive, non-judgmental sensitive and confidential. 

We provide:

  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV
  • Rapid HIV finger prick testing at the Thursday evening drop-in clinic at The Riding Room with results in 60 seconds
  • Vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B & HPV.
  • Specialist advice and support on sex, relationships, reducing HIV risk, and sexual health
  • Free condoms and lube
  • PrEP (Pre-exposure prophlyaxis)
  • PEP (Post exposure prophylaxis for sexual exposure to HIV) Counselling.


Steve Retson Project and Sandyford will only send you text messages from the account 'NHS No Reply' and we will never ask you for any personal or medical details by text message. Please keep this in mind when replying to any text from us. For more information on getting your results, click here.